Sustainability & Materials


I believe in making things to last. I’d like my prints to be hanging on your walls for many years, so each one is handmade with care from high quality materials.

I use cotton, bamboo and Japanese printmaking papers — all acid free and archival quality. The inks used for printing are lightfast, which is important for product longevity.

All of the products are hand printed by me, in Stockholm (Sweden). The beauty of a handmade process is that each print will be slightly unique. For example, small variations in ink density and texture.


I’m continually looking at ways to make my studio more sustainable and these are the areas I currently focus on...

Printing Inks

I print with water based inks because it reduces the need for stronger cleaning agents.

Small Runs

I print to order, or in small runs, to reduce excess stock and waste. Test prints and those with small imperfections are sold as "seconds" (at a reduced price) rather than thrown away.


Orders are packaged in recyclable or preloved packaging.


I avoid using plastic packaging wherever possible. It’s currently only used for the ends of poster tubes, until I find a suitable alternative.


I use traditional lino made from wood flour and linseed oil, with a hessian backing. This means the waste shavings are biodegradable.

Paper offcuts are used to create smaller prints.